Another Low. A New Hallow

by Meleeh

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Recorded, mixed and produced by William Blackmon
and Meleeh at the Overlook Studio.
Mastered at the Rumble Road Studio by Kjell Nästén.
Design and layout by David Zackrisson


released May 1, 2005



all rights reserved


Meleeh Sweden

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Track Name: Debut
I hear the silent language you speak. Behind those tired eyes the freedom you seek. For you I'll turn my hand into a killing flame. I'll take a blade through my throat screaming your name. My love that never dies.Take my knife and I'll teach you. (Take my arms that i reach you)
Track Name: Sonogram
Welcome home. This place for you and me. Love detectives, it's dead you'll see. Hapless town meet heavens ark. The flood of it's heart. Loss is the last light spoken. Love bleeds. Love kills. Love deserts. Love steals. Where hope has run dry. No one is desireable. We are born dead. No lies, no cease fire. I am most sincere. There's nothing left for me here. Everyday I meet the demons that I fear. Along those wars for me yet unbled.
Track Name: The God Of Bitterness
Take my hand. Let's leave before the wrath comes. You said you'd come. You said you'd come. Else I can be my own son. The one who doesn't love. I'll be the assassin of romantics. The god of bitterness. When all my emotions rain down. I have no protections at all. The god of bitterness. So when death comes with those monotone choirs it inspires me and sets me eternally free form me.
Track Name: Anil
Close the eyes. Send me away (to you). Break my bones. I won't settle for less.
Track Name: Godspeed
I divided my heart in two. I did it for true love. For kisses and hugs, daughters and sons. Healed wounds and neverending nights. Among murders and killers (betrayers and impostors) I've searched, I've hunted. Found only errors and exit signs. (Then a stolen kiss swept my legs. Took my soul and gave me name) All lovers die, but love shall live. (But to enter the heart one must break).
Track Name: Murder Begets Murder
Here I am down on my bleeding knees. With my heart in the wind. I am begging you to fulfill me if it helps. Kill me if it don't. Just anything right now that could help us all. I can't cope with this. Set me free. Towards new endings. Can it be that I am fading, I am hollow. I love thee. Complete me. Take this broken heart and make it nourished
Track Name: Carash Carcrash
This is how you're supposed to be. The intimate sucker with neverending bliss. Seize the deserted root of the infected. Or wait for the collapse, a dying romance. For it while you thought it was immortal. But faces meet in rivers of sad ink. All children grow up and fall down. It's the pathetic jock called life. Mark these words Johnny "yearn for life you piece of shit". All children grow up and fall down. It's the pathetic joke called...
Track Name: Thomas Tvivlaren
I am desperate. I'm in need. Survivors teach me. All I do is bleed. By the death above my head and the angels below my feet. Path of wisdom and sources of knowledge I seek. All the hungry hearts of color deep black. Funreals we grieve. But there ain't no coming back. I love you, Sickbed just leave. Let's make out this dyers eve. When we grow older we pray for souls and mourn. What have we done to this world. Now it's gone...come death!