To Live And Die Alone

by Meleeh

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Recorded by Magnus Björk at the Bocadillio Palace.
Mastered at Studio Tonteknik by Magnus Lindgren.
Design and layout by Nicola Tinti


released February 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Meleeh Sweden

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Track Name: Vowbreaker
With loud thunder and cold mouth you move the living earth.Touching heaven with your bare hands. healing fractures with your own dead end. Punishing the glory of leaving and praising the stupidity of reaching. Love shall be the bearer of your burden and cracked sky. Love shall be the tower breaking the wave and image sending you grace.
I forgive you. For each and every broken dream.
For each and every dying day.
Track Name: What I Carry With Every Heartbeat
My father of guilt is my son with no name. With mothers betrayal comes lies to the grave. Hatred has conquered it will not sleep. Life demise forever pierced through me. Honour the bringer of burden and vengeance. Who with stands the song of callous pretenders. Fear deaths dominion in the eyes of a lamb. When wolves formthe circle our true love is grand.
Track Name: Sun And Moon
When I die my words will leave my side to shiver the ground beneath my spine. Among snakes and insects I will grieve to the sound of plagues unharmed. Denied the sleep I have longed for so long. The eye of the son tells no secrets at all. Black as the beast I am not able to love when I fear it is you I have become. Battering your wings and carving your heart out just to see that the blood is mine.
Track Name: To Live Alone
I am the loneliest of ghosts. Dragged down in this sea of sickness. As I hate this blood. as I hate this world. My water is shapeless. Lifeless and enslaved to this. To live is to feel. To live is to die. My vengeance is all I have lived for. It is so cold breathing hate. Now there is nothing of me. infinity. Hate has failed me and choked what I have loved. Punished with guilt I am forever yours.
Track Name: Trauma
Blinded by a light I never guided this sin. A sinking ship armed with fury hailing storms so grim. Jaws towards victory with teeth solid as gold. Praying for their vengeance, in blood they shall be known. Time heals nothing in this endless black hole. Digging bones in your graveyard. Finding dirt ice cold. Blind and deaf. No eyes or ears. The breath is yours through my lungs. A sleep so heavy and melancholic. Facing the thousands of ghosts.
Track Name: Hells Mouth
Hells mouth gave birth to this stillborn heart. Fevers reaping the soul over and over again. lost in dreams of dying on the inside. but I will overcome this pile of shit. With the rage to kill a giant and the solitude to moan for a thousand years. this crown shall be rid from the filth. This body purified from the wound. This son released from his guilt. With open arms like a lovesong called you.
Track Name: Thorns For Flowers
Help me love this world for what it has given me.Help me drain the hate for how it has neglected me. I must nourish what is mine and crush the rejection of what I am given. I once turned away from this sun. That makes me the greatest betrayer. Collecting thorns for flowers.
Track Name: To Die Alone
In the presence of failure and the lack of devotion. No clenched fists are gathered to spare the pain in this wound wide open. Hollow is this black tongue of mine and innocent is the vulture inside. Forgiving the pleasures of storms eating everything that is mine. I am nailed with an eye open, Surrendered to this kingdom of tragedy. Grieving the time that fled me and the loved ones I have forsaken. On knees crawling down this mountain of might. In this cold where I summon the fear of dying alone. I die alone.