by Meleeh

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Recorded by Magnus Björk at the Bocadillio Palace.
Mastered at Bocadillio Palace by Magnus Björk.
Design and layout by David Zackrisson.


released September 21, 2007



all rights reserved


Meleeh Sweden

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Track Name: Angstridden
There is no hear for the leftover.
There is no beat to the crowd.
Where faith is dead and love has drowned.
Trees are mighty and all that you are not.
Knife fights with thick blood sleep tight tonight.
I will shine above.
I will run for my twenty years.
I will die unjudging love.
Track Name: Malign
These rivers keep haunting me.
With no end they search.
So many years spent dying to flee.
Oh, this never ending rebirth.
What is this life you have give me.
In this world where dreams don't come true.
Choking scars paints the palest faces.
This silent assassination ends me weightless
Track Name: Where Demons Hunt
There is no point in denying that I'm about to fail again in between decay and selfcontempt.
And no matter how hard I try.
No matter how many times my heart dies.
Memories bleed and wounds never heal.
I am yours to deceive.
Is this love where all is cheap.
With loveless thieves.
I fear these smiles you feed.
Track Name: The Doom
This city never sleeps.
With the father bloodred reaps.
The stained walls with fear I kiss.
While the mother observer I miss.
Share me a second and imagine how it feels.
Make me the destroyer cause I swear it kills.
The streets I ran and the light I chased.
It sickens me. The doom of every sun.
Track Name: Vittra
Fight your love with spine and greed.
Punisher give birth no words can feed.
Collect my leaves and worship my throne.
I am death. I am regret. I am unborn.
Sinner draw me defenceless and down.
To this battle I've lost my crown.
To ride with thunder just kill the light.
It is my turn to die tonight.
Track Name: Calathea
The greatest you were. Our heroes of sand.
Distance brought no rope that a child could hang.
Laughters of irony so sanity was kept.
Defenceless to towers. Endless seas we wept.
How come we were strong when only weakness shined.
To our cowards we kneeled. To out lions we strived.
Heaven we longed for and pictures why.
So we crossed our hearts and hoped to die.
Track Name: Black Blizzard
It ends here. I wont stop this fall.
The demise of our love makes me among feathers crawl.
My throat of hunger and the secret sorrow.
This search for my heartland where only orphans follow.
Stillborn and grievious I leave these wings of dead child.
Where grim ghosts stand and the malice with its might.
No love of light. No binding ember to cherish.
From nothingness I will slowly perish.